City Men Cook

City Men Cook, the event, is dedicated to honoring and celebrating fathers and father figures. For more than 15 years, Terry Allen has organized a Father’s Day celebration in Dallas, with food prepared by men! Thousands of people flock to the event and celebrate the great men in their lives. This is event has been the #1 Nielsen-rated event delivering an audience of 240,000 and a publicity value of $143,000.00  every year for Father’s Day weekend with over 1.2 million impression over all forms of media. Over 150 men including the mayors of local cities, community leaders, celebrity dads/chefs, everyday fathers and mentors donate their time and food for Father’s Day to raise money for local charities. During its 17 year tenure, City Men Cook has mentored 205 young men from the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy at B.F. Darrell (BOMLA),  a magnet secondary school for boys located in Southern Dallas and over 600 residential communities in North Texas from Amarillo to Burleson with art education, social etiquette skills, conflict resolution and culinary training.

City Men Cook/A Father’s Table the program works to mentor fathers and help them understand their critical role in their family’s success.

City Men Cook/A Father’s Table knows not all families have a father in the home, but many father figures may help fill that void.

A Father’s Table is a Father/Son initiative serves to execute a culinary boot camp where absentee fathers cook, mentor, collaborate and dialogue with their sons.  Fathers actually cook with their children and share the success of a family man who sits at the father’s table and shares an conversation filled dinner with a son.

Shout out to all City men!  We invite everyone to join us in thanking all the Men, leaders, mentors and fathers out there who share their Fathers Day celebration with us. We also invite you to consider your role and rise to the responsibility to contribute to the emotional success of the family.

If you’re in the one of our cities , especially Dallas, we hope to see you at our next Father’s Day event!



Members of The  Executive Committee reach out to the community manage a community wide campaign to nominate the names of individuals who show an exemplary performance in the areas of fatherhood mentoring and/or leadership. Every year 13 men are chosen to celebrate fatherhood, mentoring and/or leadership.

The Baker’s Dozen are members of the community who have represented fatherhood, mentorship and leadership in the global community.

Members of the Bakers Dozen are identified for anything form one time impact to overall impact made to the cultural landscape in the areas of mentoring, fatherhood and/or leadership.

For over 15 years over local cooks, volunteers, business and professional men have prepared special dishes to benefit area charities.

City Men Cook/A Fathers Table salutes the outstanding efforts of individuals and business for their commitment to the community & area charities The inductees into the Bakers Dozen served as positive role models for African American youth and families by the service and commitments to the Dallas Community;


Donnell Addison, Hon. Tenell Atkins, Frederick Barrow, Melroy Blazer, Rodney Brooker, Kwame Brahme, Roderick Brown, Kevan Browning, Everett Burton, Louis Butler, Hon. Dwaine Caraway, Reginald Carpenter, Rene Castilla, Erric Channey, Ozias Clarkson, Anthony Cole, Dwaine Crane, Chef Ron Duprat, Bryan Fisher, Fredrick Gamble, Emmanuel Gillespie, John Hancock, James Harrison, Chef Jeff Henderson, Rod Hill, Eric Hogue, Charles Holiday, Terrye Houze, Darren,  Howard Van Howard, Darryl Humphrey, Ben Jackson, David Johnson, Fred Jones, Tom Joyner, Oscar Joyner, Randall Land, Judge Victor Lander, Cedric Lyons, Michael McCradic, Mitchell McCradic, Lee McMillian, Ronnie McNeil, Marcus Miller, Raymond Mitchell, Ben Murphy, Kendrick Nealy, Darrell Porter, Gary Rhyne, Dan Russell, Morris Sherman, Rico Smith, Gerard Smoot, Merrell Snaddy,Adolphus Stuart, Roger Taylor, Sherard Thibodeaux, Martin Tisdale, Larry Tutt, Jeffrey Tyle, Jesse Waters, Juan Williams, Shawn William, Larnell Wood, Kevin Wright

My Brother’s Keeper

  A Father’s Table is involved in after school mentoring for youth to help them make the best choices when they’re young so they can be contributing members of the community as they grow older. We’re proud to make a difference in so many lives.

Some of our mentoring efforts are spent teaching people to cook so they have a fun and productive outlet. We also partner with other mentoring programs to provide the best opportunities to the youth.